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my name is


passioante engineer about space technology and satellite navigation. I started as a hobby, a website with the intention to share new technological advancements in fascinating space-related topics. I love space, that’s the reason why they are uncountable the times I have fallen cautivated by the marvels of every night-sky around the world. I find the Universe a definition of beauty.

I’m not astronomer, but I deeply follow every advancement and discovernment made by researchers and space agencies worldwide, and look forward to couple space exploration fields with my specialization in telecommunications and satellite navigation engineering.

I work as a satellite navigation engineer and among the hobbies I like doing during my free time, there is making research in space engineering and mechanics, planetary science, telecommunication and navigation technologies applied to both Earth and Space.

I like and feel the need of understanding the topic I am talking about before writing or recommending an article. This attitude of literature study and innovation is something I have developed during my academic studies and experience working for different engineering projects.

SpaceWayfinder is a personal hobby in which I write interesting and catchy articles of space technology content from a friendly-reading viewpoint and tone, at the same time that I learn a lot about each article I write and research about, being this my formula to learn while enjoying!

I hope you all enjoy too and I encourage you to share articles, discoveries, news, pictures and more cool content by contacting as well as following in social networks for continue exploring the Universe marvels together.

Thank you!