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Artemis: now is her turn

Artemis: Moon Exploration Mission & Apollo’s Sister

Yes, humanity is coming back to the Moon, this time with Artemis programme. Time ago on 20 July, 1969 Apollo 11 mission carried out by astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins was the one responsible in putting humans on what was the first ever steps of mankind in our closest celestial body. That time was Apollo programme which lead these three astronauts to make that small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

Now is the turn of his sister mission Artemis, who in Greek Mythology is the twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is NASA’s lunar programme which aims to put again astronauts on the Moon by 2024, the first ever women and the next man. In collaboration with commercial and international partners, NASA will establish sustainable exploration and will make use of new technology to study the Moon and prepare human missions to Mars. A variety of robotic and human activities will be carried out in both surface and orbit around the Moon, in order to have a better understanding of the Universe and our planet.

Which spacecraft will be used?

Beginning in 2021, Artemis has planned three missions:

Artemis I

Will be the responsible for testing the SLS rocket with orion spacecraft without crew.

Artemis II

This mission will fly SLS with Orion spacecraft with crew, but will round the Moon and come back to Earth.

Artemis III

Will send the first woman and next men to land on surface of Moon’s South Pole by 2024.

This will definitely mean one of the 21st century milestones in space industry and it is a pleasure to, once again, give the Moon the opportunity to be part of it. It is essential that this mission is carried out with the greatest respect, because she’s hosting us again in what will be an inflection point, another big step for mankind, not only regarding space exploration, but also because of everything that this mission means.

She, the Moon, who saw our endless endeavours in space exploration, is essential to Earth and our lifes and deserves to be part of this amazing historical milestone, which has the Moon, Artemis and all the professionals around the world who make this possible as the main protagonists.

Thank you for reading!


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